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Customers Comments:
Kennedy American Response:
March 2, 2013 - Hey Jeff - We really appreciated the time you took Friday talking with us, especially since it got colder and colder as the evening went on. I've attached a picture of the project, and hopefully we'll be seeing you at the shop and at shows. J.S. Columbus, OH We like having customers visit our shop where they can view the parts, look at our cars on display and tell us about their projects.
February 26, 2013 - I sincerely appreciate your excellent customer service and your dedication to the AMC/Rambler heritage. I ordered my bushings and a hinge pin from you for my 87 Eagle, and it came perfect, fast shipping, packaged wonderfully and I recommend you to my AMC car club and other AMC enthusiasts out there. Thank you again!   J.H. Fessenden , N.D. Customer service is our top priority. We are AMC enthusiasts also.
December 10, 2012 - I would just like to let Jeff know how helpful he has been to me with the parts I need for my 65 Ambassador. I have already purchased some parts and they arrived in 2 days and all have been exactly what I needed thanks to Jeff's expertise. This is truly the way to run a great business.Anytime I need Parts in the future Kennedy American is where I start. Thank you   J.D. East Northport, NY Thank you. Jeff has 38 years of AMC parts experience and is a valuable asset to our company.
October 24, 2011 - Just wanted to let you know, we will be sending the calipers (cores) back this week. The AMX made it to our son's wedding in fine shape. We worked on it until the night before! We have a tire rubbing problem - but it ran like a top! I will send you pics when things calm down a bit. We will be needing some minor items and I will be calling you soon to order a few more things. Thanks so much for getting us the parts on time! Our goal was met! (and we are still married lol) L.D. Shell Rock, IA Glad to hear the AMX was at the wedding and your goal was met. When you told us about your project we did everything we could to get the parts to you on time.
May 4, 2011 - Just got back my rebuilt power steering pump. You guys are pretty fast,hooked it up works great now can enjoy my car. I also would like to thank the young man I talk to on the phone he has been quite helpful.Need a fewmore things getting some funds together will order from you again. Again thank you and keep up the good work. R.M. Walden, NY Thanks for the nice comments.
August 6, 2010 - I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your service (exchange?) on my brake caliper. I really appreciated your extra effort to take care of this issue. Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll be doing more business in the future. T.F. McKinney, TX Thanks for your business. Our staff always puts the best effort possible into every order
July 19.2010 - Always a pleasure ordering from you. The care you take to make sure I get the right parts and assistng me with such things as the boot for my American is appreciated. I got the hood insulation for my AMX with clips as ordered. Nice product. Hope to see you at the AMO show in Michigan this August. T.H. West Lafayette, IN We strive to make the phone ordering experience a pleasant one.

January 23, 2010 - I just checked my order and it was short 1 oil pump gasket and was charged for 2 on invoice. My car is a 72 hornet 360 auto with twin grip came with rally X package that I bought in 1978 and sold my scrambler to buy  the hornet ,I still need to reinstall white with black stripe from bumper to bumper, the engine is now a 401 with over the counter machine intake that I bought in 1978 for 28.00 when I worked at Grant AMC/Jeep Eugene Oregon till the dealer ship was closed 1981.  J.S. Salem, OR

We are truly sorry for the mixup and have shipped you the 2nd gasket. We strive to make our customers happy and ship the correct parts and quantity in a timely fashion. We apoligize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
January 04, 2010  - Sir, I called you on Monday 28 Dec 09 and asked for a rocker panel assembly with a request to send out ASAP, as I had a few days off from work during the holidays. I received the parts on Wednesday 30 Dec 09. The consideration that you put forth to your customers is phenomenal. The high quality of the parts is only one measurement, but the quick delivery of the parts in pristine condition to my front door was impressive. I can only say, as a new customer that a positive impression has been made. Your support for your customers will result in customer support for your business, such as myself in the near & far future. Thank you for answering the phone during the holiday season and placing the parts in my hands in less than 48 hours. Sincerely, K.E., Westminster, MD When we are made aware by our customers that they are in a big hurry for a part that we have in stock we will try our very best to get the shipment ready in time for our daily pick up. With knowing this information we can often get parts there when needed via ground shipping so the customer does not have the extra expense of air shipping. Thank you for telling us that you needed this in a hurry so we was able to expidite your shipment.
December 29, 2009 - It is simply awesome to find Kennedy American! I have a 1970 AMX 390, 4 Speed with the Go Package which I bought new in 1970. It has 70,000 original miles and has not been driven since 1983. It was driven hard and is not a show car, but I have kept it in the garage all these years hoping that someday I would be able to turn it into a fire-breathing, ground-pounding daily driver. Even though the car has been kept inside, nearly everything has deterioriated to the point where I thought I would never be able to find parts, such as the hood portion of the ram air system that kept vibrating off, the headliner, door handles, engine parts, carpet, rear quarter panels, and on... and on... I am now looking forward to shopping for all the goodies I need. Thanks for helping to make my retirement dream come true! J.B. Waynesboro, VA. Since AMC parts is all we do we can concentrate 100% of our efforts on providing as many parts as we can for AMC cars. We also continue to invest in reproducing more parts that are needed.
December 26, 2009  - i just been on your site. WOW!!!!! i have never seen so many amc parts in one store. i will be ordering from you, i'm not rich so i have to start out replacing the smaller cheaper costing things first.but this looks like a one stop shop till you drop. thanks for being a AMC GUY. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. GOD I STILL HAVE GOOSE BUMPS.................:) R.L.C. Rockford, IL We try to have available a complete line of AMC parts. We search out manufacturers that have or can manufacture parts for AMC cars.
November 14, 2009 - Hey Jeff,
Just a quick note of personal THANKS for finally solving the mystery of the snap-on a/t pwr brake pedal covers that wouldn't ever seem to fit my pedal. When I first obtained my '69 AMX there was an original replacement snap on style pad in my glove box still in the amc/jeep plastic bag. So, I decided to put it on expecting it to be just like every other car I've owed by pulling off the original and installing the new one. Honestly Jeff, I had one hell of a time getting that thing off, even resorting to using plyers and visegrips to pull the rubber off in strips. I thought I'd never get the damn thing off. And after I finally did, the pad wouldn't fit, it's as if the pedal was too long for the pad. I even resorted to using a rasor blade and cutting off the 3 rubber stands molded in the back of the replacement cover thinking they were causing it not to sit flush on the pedal.
After all of than back in 2000, I order some things from (someone else) and theirs was the same thing I had in the glove box. Basically I've been driving the AMX for many years without the rubber pad scratching my head trying to figure out why it was so confusing to simply replace a pedal pad.
Up until speaking to you, I had NO idea there was a bolt on style and a snap on. You defiantly solved one of the most confusing things I've ever experienced on any of my cars.
I want you to know that E.S. was very helpful in suggesting me contacting you for the battery tray and other items that I purchased from you. With that said I look forward to purchasing more in the future. I sincerely appreciate your help!
Best regards, R.N. Ogden, UT
We maintain a library of AMC parts catalog and technical bulletins so we know when changes were made in the same model year. It is very common that 2 different designs were used on a few parts. This was often due to engineering design changes or 2 different suppliers for the same parts. The only way to obtain the correct part years later is to have this library of information and know the questions to ask so we can supply the part that is correct for your car. We do not use information that is supplied by the reproduction parts manufacturers, instead we do our own research so we can be more correct.
November 16, 2009 - Hello Kennedy American, I have been a American Motors fan since I could drive(1969).I recently met someone that gave me a copy of your parts catalog Dated spring/summer 95.I like everything about it,the descriptions,pictures.I am sure prices have changed by now.I would like to know if you could send me a up to date copy.I am recently restoring a 1972 Javelin & a 1973 Javelin both sst's.Your parts list would be very helpfull. Thank you R.L., Brookfield, CT We now have an on-line version for custom catalog for your specific model & year. I am confident you will find it easy to use and very helpful. We have spent hours of time correctly identifying what parts go to what models.
October 14, 2009 - Jeff,  I need a set of engine mounts and a transmission mount - the car is a 69 AMX with a 71 401 engine and an all aluminum 727 auto trans behind it, I also need a high volume oil pump kit - if there is such a thing. I just recieved the battery tray and the brake stuff I just recently ordered - Thankyou very much!!   Included are some shots of my spectacular 69AMX, please put'm up on your site - The car is a total resto-mod - Ive been working on it since I bought it as a basket case (totally apart) in 1992 - this fall was the reveal at the NAMDRA nationals Sept 10th at Cordova Dragway, Cordova Illinois - I am in debt to so many sources and instruction from some of the best technicians in the business - I couldnt have pulled it off without their help.  S.M., Coal Valley, IL Good sources of parts, repairs, and technical information is very important to make a restoration project enjoyable and affordable.
October 05, 2009 - I have a 74 Javelin in the final stages of restoration,however,I have been expericing electrical problems and have been on thecomputer searching everywhere trying to find parts.At wits end I told my mechanic Saturday to take the necessary parts off the 1973 Javelin I purchased to restore.It is still in factory condition just expericing mostly cosmetic damage. I had picked an old magazine from 1998 "CLASSIC AUTO RESTORER" and happened to see your add in the back. I got out of bed to google you and to my surprise I spent an hour drooling over your catalog. To make a long story short I really like you guy's,E-bay has just lost a lot of my business. As the movie said I'll be back. Quick question,I never found one do you have a fuse panel for a 74 also a circuit board I think he said? J.B. Gallaton, TN We are a real full time AMC parts dealer with years of experience. We know what parts fit what AMC cars and the correct questions to ask so you get the correct part. Our parts are offered on our website only and we are here during business hours to answer technical questions.
September 30, 2009 - Jeff, Pads arrived today!!!!  KICKBUTT!!! Thankyou so much - one of the last things - car is now complete. If you were here I would give you a hug!! thanx again!!! S.M. Coal Valley, IL We like to hear when a restoration gets completed. Now you can show off that beautiful AMC car.
September 15, 2009  - Just wanted to thank you for your great service. Thanks for being there. M.P. 1964 Rambler 770 Canton Ohio We have been supplying AMC parts and only AMC parts for 35 years.
August 04, 2009 - Great talking to you again Jeff. Have been out of touch WAY to long.   The first three pictures are of the car I just purchased from AMO member A.B. Very nice car, but not perfect. As money permits, I will be purchasing stuff to get it up to my standards. Not that my standards are all that great. LOL   The forth picture was taken last July, an hour before the new owner picked up my Javelin. You will also see my son's 68 AMX, and my newly acquired Corvette. The guy that purchased it lives in Lancaster PA. He owns a Chrysler dealership in Mt Joy that was originally his dad's AMC dealership. He bought the Javelin to park in his showroom for display, and to park next to his Prowler. The Javelin only had 9000 miles on it since a complete restoration. He changed the oil pump (why!!! I don't know) but he did something wrong with the pressure relief valve when he put it together. The oil filter exploded, lost all his oil, and tried to drive it home, and blew up the motor. Now there is a real smart guy!!!! All the mechanics he employs.  J.K. West Newton, PA It's great to here from an old AMC guy again and hear that they are back in the AMC hobby.
September 13, 2009  - Jeff, this is a picture of the 69 AMX that D.O. and I have spent most of the money on and now we are working on a 70.
 Thanks for all your help so far. G.L., Beachpark, IL
We like to see our parts help get another AMC car restored for all of us to enjoy.
June 07, 2009 - G"Day Jeff,                   Thank you for the prompt service with the Hornet  taillamp lens, we recieved it on the 5th June, we have attached some pics of the car for your website, its a 1970 now fitted with a 401cid motor, trans is a turbo 400 ( genuine amc pattern) and a twin grip lsd in the rear, brakes are kelsey hayes. too many other goodies to list, we have owned this car since 1980 and it has been our everyday car continuosly since then.                                                                     Once again thanks for the service. J&L W, Brisbane, QL, Australia We try to take care of our international AMC owners. We understand that it is more difficult to obtain AMC parts outside of North America.

April 24, 2009 - Jeff, I put the electronic convertion, that you sold me in my AMX last night. I haven't had a distributor off a car in 35 years. I thought, that I must have done something wrong because it was so easy and quick to do. The car started right up, and ran smoother than ever before. Also, and don't ask me why, but at 65 mph it runs at 2800 rpm's, before it was 3200 rpm's. I didn't believe the fuel milage crap, until now. I'm a nobody, but you can believe me, this product works. S.D. Senecaville, OH

We really like the electronic ignition kit also and have it in our own cars. It eliminates having to adjust and replace the points while making the engine start and run better. It also keeps the stock appearance with only a single wire lead.
April 09, 2009 - On behalf of all AMC enthusiasts, I would like to express my appreciation for the efforts taken to reproduce these valuable items.  We can actually get these badly needed items to make our special cars just that much nicer.  Thank you American Parts Depot, Kennedy American, and Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts.  Your endeavors just make the hobby that much better.   With great respect, Darryl A. Salisbury AMO President Thank you
March 28, 2009 - Very helpful in finding my parts and very friendly. I will be buying more parts for my eagle from you. I LOVE that aluminum valve cover! M.T. Powell, OH Yes the aluminum valve kit is a great replacement for the plastic cover that had sealing problems.
January 30, 2009 - Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the fast and courteous service that you have provided. The parts that I have received have been "top notch" and always get here super quick. Jeff, you are on the ball! Thanks again. - S.L.  Fortville, IN We try hard to ship all in stock orders within 24 hours. We also strive to make ordering quick and easy. Also we inspect every part that comes in to try and keep quality high.
December 26, 2008 - Just wanted to say that this is GREAT! I had an old published catalogue. So very glad to see that you are on-line now and your build a list after entering your year and model of AMC is brilliant. I have a 1983 Eagle and this site is a God-send! So, please keep it up and I will be hopefully buying some parts in the Spring as soon as I can sell my 06 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP. It's a beautiful car, but in order to afford my AMC hobby, I'm selling it so that I can some play money. Thanks guys, I know how hard you have worked with various vendors to obtain these items for the hobby and I will be only to happy to support you and buy some items as soon as I sell my Pontiac. Happy Holidays and just again, wanted to thank you all for this wonderful site! It's just terrific! -TG Vienna, VA We spent allot of time and effort in building our unique website with the hopes that our customers would benefit from our full list of parts. We believe it is much easier to build a list of parts for your year and model AMC rather than having to search endless list of parts for all models and years. We are very pleased with the responses we have received from our customers. We have also compiled (and still compiling) a very nice photo gallery of both customers and non-customers AMC cars. Our primary goal to show that AMC owners are still out there enjoying their vehicles.
December 8, 2008 - Hello Kennedy,I`ve bought a few items in the past,but will be getting a whole lot more in the near future.Just recently bought a 69 AMX with platinum interior and will need plenty of interior parts for it.Just saying thanks for being there for us AMC fans so we`re able to keep those classics rolling & looking good. G.M. Westland, MI We are AMC fans too! We own and drive several AMC cars ourselves. We will keep supplying and reproducing those needed items.
August 28, 2008 - Thanks so much for finding the trim molding for my 1979 Concord and the side marker lens is in great condition, thanks again you,re the best!     M.S. Euless, TX. Thank you for the compliment, if we do not have the desired part we do try and locate it if possible
August 14, 2008 i ordered a trans mount and a few decals around noon tuesday. when i received it thursday morning i thought it was something elese that i was waiting on...great products and SUPER FAST shipping...thanks,  B.P. Metairie, LA Thanks... we try to ship in stock parts within 24 hours.
June 30, 2008 - This was probaly the nicest place I worked with. They were knowledgable had the parts that I needed and the ones they didn't have they knew whom to send to for them. I wish more places were like this, thanks fro all the help. M.R. Fountain Hills, AZ We are here to help. If there is a part you are looking for that we cannot supply we are glad to refer you to a reliable company that may be able to supply it
March 21, 2008 great site and parts jeff is very good to talk to and really enjoy his info great guy to deal with wish he was closer to us T.B. Arden, MB Canada We are as close as your phone or computer and we try to ship orders as quickly as possible

January 31, 2008 - You Guys Saved The Day!! When I dissassembled the Transmission on my 69 Rebel to rebuild there was unexpected damage. MY HEART SANK. I thought I was doomed. Not only did you have nearly impossiable parts to locate anywhere else but your prices where unbeatable. LONG LIVE AMERICIAN MOTORS!!!and thanks for saving my Reb!!! You guys are the greatest!!!

R.T. Hidden Valley Lake, CA

We are here to try and provide those hard to find parts. As you found out so many companies out there only want to sell the "easy" stuff . Often those companies don't even know anything about AMC's, they are Chevy, Ford , or Mopar parts dealers trying to make a few extra dollars selling AMC parts on the side.
January 14, 2008 - Great pages. Extremely inventive catalog system. It saves alot of hassle finding right parts for ones car. Great amount of products listed. Actually you could be "the only place where to shop", as pretty much every part seems to be listed in you catalogs. But also negative side to be found, extremely long reply time for emails, still waiting for one. Gone over a week since my 1st e-mail. Sent one to "general questions" and another one after that to "Sales" email adress and still waiting for a reply. Few days wait is understandable but it really should not take a week or more. T.R. Pori, Finland

Thanks, we think the custom catalog is a unique tool that makes it much easier to search for the parts that only apply to your AMC.

Concerning  the long time to reply to your emails we found that your emails have been going into a ***SPAM*** inbox instead of our regular inboxes. We do not know why this happened, possibly by the internet service providers' servers. We are going to start checking the SPAM inbox more often for  mis-directed emails. The only other delay in a reply  may happen during show season when some of our staff is away from the office attending an AMC convention.

January 10, 2008 - Jeff, thanks for taking the time to look at your car and getting back to me about the shocks. Thats one more problem I can cross off my list and move a different direction. Thanks again for your help B.N Pacific, WA In addition to our vast library of original AMC parts books, technical service manuals, and technical bulletins to refer to, we have AMC's ourselves we can look at to answer questions you might have.
December 2, 2007- Jeff; Great to see you guys hit the web! I have mentioned you to a bunch of AMC folks up here as you were really key with your help as well as your parts to getting my Javelin sorted and running some years ago. It is now due for a bit more TLC and freshening so you will be hearing from me again soon. Glad to see you are still going and now on the web. Great site and again I look forward to talking and dealing with you again. P.O., Canada Thank you for being a longtime customer. In addition to supplying parts we are glad to answer any questions you might have.
September 12, 2007 - I was pleased to get the new AMC parts I recently ordered for my 73 Javelin SST, 304-4bbl, automatic.  Can't wait to get them installed asap, especially the new wheel rims as my originals -all four- have numerous scratches, dings, dents, even punctures (the previous owner (s) must have used a claw hammer on them, yikes!) It'll look even better with the new ones, yippy!  Thanks for the TLC with Kennedy American parts. I hope this will be the case for years to come as these cars age gracefully.  N.V. Dexter, MI, USA Thank you for your order. Often just a few parts can make a big difference in the appearence of a car. Also, thank you for the pictures. They will be published on the website soon. We cannot get enough pictures of AMC cars (best ever made) for the website.
May 5, 2007- ORDER RECEIVED A-OK ON 07MAY07. THANKS FOR PROMPT SERVICE.  WILL HAPPILY ORDER IN FUTURE.  BEST REGARDS,   R.S. SUN CITY, ARIZONA USA Thank you for your order. We try to ship in stock parts within 24 hours.

January 12, 2007 Thanks for everything!!The package came in fine... Please report on new
stuff you get for 63 Classic 4 dr 660 OHV... you got a customer here!

D.L. Mexico City, Mexico

Thank you for your order. We realize it is harder to ship to some countries but we do what we need to so that AMC's can get the needed parts wherever they are located.

August 21, 2006- Hello Jeff, I have been buying parts from you for over 3 years now & each time you have shown me how professional you are in running your business & treating your customers. The AMC world is a small one & your passion to the marque is encouraging and is highly commendable! Please carry on the great work you do for our hobby & helping us maintain our deep passion towards everything AMC & what it stands for.

Best regards,

M.D. Saint Colombar, Quebec, Canada

Thank you very much. It is very important to have customer loyalty such as yours. We have AMC's ourselves and we are part of the AMC world.

August 19, 2006- Jeff, I was pleased to see that you have a website up and running. I look forward to using your services as I restore my 65 Marlin. You've been helpful in the past and I hope to continue using your services in the future. Great site and thanks for you continued service to the Marlin Auto Club.


We are constantly trying to reproduce more parts for the Marlin. We are happy you are pleased and we thank you for your continuing business.

July 16, 2006- I have bought parts from Jeff since he was a parts man at the dealerships. He has always been very helpful, and went out of his way to help find parts, we are talking about years ago when there were very few repops available. He has been instrumental in getting parts reproduced and keeping his prices within reason. I continue to be a loyal customer to this day because I know I can count on Jeff for the right part at a fair price with fast service. What more could you ask?

E.J. Clyde NC

Always good to hear from a longtime customer. We will strive to continue to do things the way we always have and hopefuly improve on it.


S.M. Temple TX

Thank you for the comments regarding our site. You are the first person to send pictures of a Spirit Sedan. They are indeed a rare model and hopefully we will see more pictures coming.

May 23, 2006- hello , i just wanted you to know that jeff was very helpful on part & he got them to me very fast thank you for your help i will be call on you again because i am look for the hood chrome inserts i have a 1968 amc javelin i got the wrong chrome inserts the part number on the back of them are lh 3615997 pmc1 & rh 3615996 pmc1 but i did not get them from you so if you can help please email thanks for your time.

B.H. Parachute CO

Thank you for the confidence in us.

We try to supply the part(s) you are in need of and ask the right questions so that you receive the correct needed part(s).

Apr 20, 2006-I've ordered from you several times and am continuously amazed at the level of service you give your customers. For example, the last order I placed was on a Mon. and I received the merchandise on Wed.! I know there are other AMC vendors out there but I will use you exclusively for as long as you continue this kind of customer satisfaction.

Sincerely, G.C. Swansea, MA

Customer satisfaction is very important to us so we thank you for great comments. Without our customers, we would not be in business.

Mar. 20, 2006 - Thanks for the fast service, great turn signal switch part for my AMC 68 Rebel Convertible. This is a great AMC part discovery!!!!! Chingon Vato

E.L. La Mesa, California

Thank you for your nice comments, our staff works hard everyday to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Feb. 27, 2006 - Hey, I lost your address and just ran acrossed it. Thanks to you we put our 72 Javelin together and have won many trophies with it.....You were the only one that had parts for our car...Like you to see our Javelin.


Sycamore, Pennsylvania

Hope you can make the 2006 convention in Dayton.

Feb. 27, 2006 - Here is a picture of my 74 to post to your site.  Great site by the way!


Whiteman AFB, Missouri

Thank you. You picture has been added to our gallery. Please review the 1971-1974 Javelin page.

Feb. 21, 2006 - To whom it may concern Highly recommended AMC parts dealer - Jeff is a knowledgable AMC person with a huge inverntory of parts and a genuine interest in the cars he is providing parts for. He is also a nice person.

C.B.   Oslo, Norway

Thank you for your nice comments, our staff works hard everyday to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.
January 2005 - I want to thank you for your understanding and patience when I order parts and taking the time to explain to me what the parts were. My husband was thrilled with everything. Thank you again for the very good service. LC Trumbull, CT With our knowledge of AMC cars, we want to make sure that you get the correct parts that you need. By spending the time with you, we can get you the correct parts the first time. We appreciate the comments & your business.
September 18, 2000 - Just a note to let you know the parts arrived here yesterday.  It's nice to have my cruise control working again. Thanks for all of your help. VG Rochester, NH Good to hear that we supplied another part to get your AMC back in top shape.
August 1, 2000 - Thank you again for all of your help and kindness at the AMO meet. I was a fish out of water. DM Wallingford, CT It's always good to see new people get interested in the AMC hobby. That was a great AMC meet in Hartford.
January 13, 1994 - Thank you so much for sending the motor vacuum for the windshield. It was received on the Thursday as said. The Rambler I have was held almost a year because I wanted something old and with a gear shift. Also, the color sky blue was another reason it won my heart. I got your name from the books that come out each month, and will be doing business with you in the near future. My father work on cars and was very pleased with your product. PF Trenton, NJ We like old Ramblers too, and a gear shift makes them even more fun. We are glad the part got your car back on the road.
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